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Archive for May, 2009

Natural Free Search Engine Traffic for your Retail Business

May 15th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Natural Free Marketing Tactics for Retail Businesses In past newsletter articles we have discussed the popularity of researching retail purchases online. The three large portions of Internet Promotion for websites are Natural Search Engine Traffic, Paid Search Engine Traffic, and Links from other websites. In this article we will talk about SEO or natural Search engine traffic. It is the traffic most websites get free and naturally from the standard creation of pages and content on their site. With changes to your website this traffic can incre...

Target Retail Stores and South Australia going bagless

May 12th, 2009

Category: Retail Business News

Plastic Bag Ban and your Retail Business In one of the more interesting retail stories recently, the Government of Southern Australia and the large discount chain Target will not give customers free bags to carry purchases home in. This is recent trend where more consideration is given to the ecological impact of plastic bags as people try to limit the use of one-use disposable bags. But it is causing an impact on retail businesses and retail staff and that is what we wish to discuss in this article. Southern Australia was scheduled to ban free...

Is your Website doing all you wanted it to do?

May 10th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Website Marketing for your Retail Business You try to do all that your business needs to succeed. You pick a good location. You choose the right products and sell them at the right price. You train staff and try to give them a good environment to sell in. You advertise in the places that you advertised in before, and seemed to make an impact. But recently  most business, even retail business has changed and how customers are drawn to retail businesses have changed from more traditional advertising channels such as yellow pages and walk in traf...