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QR Codes – Will They Revolutionise Retailing?

May 30th, 2012

Category: ERP Enterprise Resource Planning, Online Retailing, Retail Business Tips, Retail Innovations

Imagine this: You’re stuck on the phone with a customer. The other sales person has stepped out for lunch when suddenly a shopper walks in and heads straight to an item on display. You really want to serve him but the customer on the phone is important too. You glance over and see that the guy has lifted the tag and looked at the style name, product description and price. Lucky for you, there’s something more imprinted on the price tag, a square-shaped barcode called a QR code. The customer sees this, grabs his smart phone and aims it at th...

Empower your Sales Staff

May 23rd, 2011

Category: Point Of Sale Systems, Retail Business News, Retail Business Tips

Empower your Sales Staff As the debates rage about the respective benefits of online and bricks-and-mortar retailing, there are some aspects of the debate that almost everybody agrees on. Physical store retailers have the great advantage of face-to-face retailing, i.e. a salesperson can interact with customers, showing them items from the range on display, and answering their queries. However online retailers have an advantage in that they can display their whole catalogue, whereas many bricks-and-mortar retailers do not have the space to disp...

A Modern Direct Marketing Technique for your Retail Business

October 12th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

SMS messaging lets you reach your customers in minutes! Direct marketing is all about one-to-one marketing, a “Call to Action” and measuring response. Direct marketing has traditionally used mail, telemarketing, and more recently, email. But one of the latest forms of direct marketing is through the use of mobile phone text messaging. This type of direct marketing has a number of advantages over older forms including low cost of delivery and very high delivery rate. It can also include more time dependent “Call to Actions”, for example,...

Effective Retail Promotions

September 7th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Retail Promotions that Increase Revenue Retailing is always tough and even though the economy is picking up, it is always important to maximize sales. We have previously discussed the benefits of customer loyalty programs but in this article we will focus on attracting additional customers into the store. One historical favourite with many retailers for generating additional revenue has been the percent off sale. The trouble is that retailing is so competitive now that it seems that there is a sale on almost every week, so this type of sale doe...

Australian Retail Software Provider takes on the world

September 7th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Interview with Bernie Hogan of Creative Computing In this article, Retail Business Newsletter talks to Bernie Hogan, Managing Director of Creative Computing, about the company’s international expansion. Retail Business Newsletter (RBN): Some of our readers might already be familiar with Creative Computing but what does your company do? Bernie Hogan: We specialise in business systems for multi-store specialty store retailers, such as fashion, footwear, jewellery, furniture, mobile phones, etc.. Retailers that you could find in any typical shop...

2 Free Choices for Website Statistics

July 7th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Free Tracking from your Webhost The funny thing is that most of us get free website statistics tracking with our webhost package. Maybe you were so happy to finish your website and that everything seems to be working that you never login there. But most webhosts use a control panel named Cpanel. Maybe you remember having to go there to tell it what your domain name was, to renew your contract or submit a trouble ticket. Usually you can access it at or something similar. One of the options there is usually named ...

Website Statistics help you know what is happening with your website

July 7th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Website Statistics Tell you Reality Why you got a website in the first place Most businesses, including retail businesses have a website to inform and draw new customers. Like many store owners maybe you tried to avoid having a website for a few years, but eventually you had to give in. You have a website now and you think all your responsibilities are over in that department. That is not entirely true. Just because you have a website  does not means that it is doing all that it could be doing. In fact at this stage most people start to realis...

5 Retail Business Success Tips

July 7th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

5 Retail Store Tips to more Customers 1. Capture customer details. Gather names and contact information any way you can. If you’re a primarily online business, you can offer newsletters or specials for registered members. If you’re a more traditional retail business establishment you can collect business cards in a drawing or request information on feedback forms. Ever enter a drawing? You wanted to win so you wanted to be contacted. 2. Create a customer reward program. It can be a free meal or dessert on the customer’s birthd...

Get free rankings with Google Local Business Center

June 1st, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Google’s Local Business Center is one of the easiest ways to increase your natural rankings in search engines online. Google has a large percentage of the search market worldwide. In Australia it is even higher at around 90%. Obviously any chances you have for ranking online in any Google property should be done. And in the last year or two Google has been doing something called “Universal Search” which is a mix of data from several sources such as Google Images, Youtube, and the Map Data into the standard search query results. Not qu...

Natural Free Search Engine Traffic for your Retail Business

May 15th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Natural Free Marketing Tactics for Retail Businesses In past newsletter articles we have discussed the popularity of researching retail purchases online. The three large portions of Internet Promotion for websites are Natural Search Engine Traffic, Paid Search Engine Traffic, and Links from other websites. In this article we will talk about SEO or natural Search engine traffic. It is the traffic most websites get free and naturally from the standard creation of pages and content on their site. With changes to your website this traffic can incre...