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Empower your Sales Staff

May 23rd, 2011

Category: Point Of Sale Systems, Retail Business News, Retail Business Tips

Browse your catalogue from the shop floor

Empower your Sales Staff

As the debates rage about the respective benefits of online and bricks-and-mortar retailing, there are some aspects of the debate that almost everybody agrees on.

Physical store retailers have the great advantage of face-to-face retailing, i.e. a salesperson can interact with customers, showing them items from the range on display, and answering their queries.

However online retailers have an advantage in that they can display their whole catalogue, whereas many bricks-and-mortar retailers do not have the space to display all options available.

Imagine if your sales staff could not only sell from the in-store range, but could also sell from the whole catalogue, without leaving the customer or the retail floor.

Well now they can!

Creative Computing allows access to your complete catalogue and even record your customers’ order details using your iPad or iPhone.

Imagine being able to show customers all available styles, fabrics, options and accessories, while walking around the showroom with them. You will also have warehouse stock availability, stock levels in other stores, supplier lead times, etc. all at your fingertips.

And after getting your customers’ commitment, you can record the full customer order details, all without having to take one step towards a computer or away from your customer.

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