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Retail Success Story: Beds n Dreams, Qld

August 14th, 2013

Category: Online Retailing, Point Of Sale Systems, Retail Innovations, Retail Selling, Retail Success Stories

Beds n Dreams LogoCompany Background – Beds n Dreams, QLD

Don McDonald is on a fast track to grow his multi-store bedroom furniture business. With 12 years’ experience on the manufacturing end, 18 months’ ago he was given the opportunity to buy the Master Franchise operation for Beds n Dreams, Queensland. This he did with the aim to open 5 stores in 2 years. Don is now close to fulfilling his objective with 4 stores set to operate in 18 months.

While many retailers start slowly and are cautious about expanding, Don is focused on securing the right locations for his stores in line with growth strategies. “I’m predicting things are going to get much better in retailing in a few years’ time and it’s much easier to get a good site when the retail landscape is more conservative,” he says. Don believes having the right location is extremely important if you’re looking to have a profitable franchise business.


However, it you’re planning to quickly expand, it can be a challenge managing stock, sales, orders and deliveries, to say the least, across multi-stores. Additionally, many bricks and mortar retailers have an ecommerce arm, and Don is also set to offer his products online, which adds more complexity managing multi-store operations.

This means that Don was looking to quickly and easily put into place quality systems and processes to ensure a high-level of operational efficiency. “First order of business before profits,” says Don, “is getting everything shipshape and working smoothly. To do that I needed to invest in a good quality retail system.”

Key for Don was the ability to seamlessly support daily store operations and handle growth with minimal fuss. Expanding fast, he has a lot on his plate and is time poor, thus the chosen retail software had to be well established as a system that meets the specialised requirements of furniture retailing.

With this criterion in mind, he chose CONTROL POS Retail Management System from Creative Computing.

The Solution

Beds n Dreams, Queensland, utilises a number of CONTROL Retail Management modules. These include Point of Sale, Customer Order Management, Inventory Control, Deliveries, Sales Analysis and Financials. They also plan to use the integrated CONTROL Online Store.

One of the challenges to opening new stores quickly is having the ability to get them trading immediately. Beds n Dreams, Queensland have managed this process well, generally training new staff on the basics of taking sales orders using CONTROL and then teaching them more as they go along. “The system provides great functionality and it’s easy to use at the Point of Sale,” says Don. “We also get great support of the software from the Creative Computing team who are very responsive to our needs.”

Main Benefits

Integration key to managing multi-store franchise

A major benefit of CONTROL according to Don, is the integration. “All the stores are centrally managed by CONTROL which means when I log into the system, I can quickly see what’s going in at any given time, for any of my stores. I can see what orders have been placed by customers, orders generated on suppliers; what’s being delivered and when.” Another benefit to centrally managing his multi-stores is that Don can consolidate supplier orders for stock, especially large orders, which means he can secure a better deal with suppliers.

While the business has only been operating for 1 year, Beds n Dreams Queensland is already focused on optimising stock performance daily, weekly and monthly via CONTROL’s Inventory Management module.

“Managing costs is really important especially with rapid expansion,” says Don. “One of the biggest costs is stock, and CONTROL provides insight into stock and sales across the stores to ensure I’m not ordering something that’s available in another store, or ordering too much or too little stock. Also, being able to track when supplier orders are coming through helps maximise sales.”

CONTROL’s furniture-specific functionality also allows for analysis of business performance at a ‘business written’ level.

Seamless supply chain results in happy customers

As bedroom furniture retailing mostly involves order taking and delivery, it’s important this is an efficient process, and CONTROL manages this smoothly. For example, when sales people put in a customer order, if an ordered item is in stock in the store or warehouse it can be committed to the order, otherwise an order on the respective supplier can be generated.

Other possibilities are to produce a transfer order on another store if the item is available there, or to allocate items from supplier orders for stock.  When all ordered items are received (in the store or warehouse) the customer order can be scheduled for delivery. The delivery schedule for a truck for a day shows the details of each customer order to be delivered, including any outstanding amounts the driver needs to collect from customers.


Don’s ambition is to open 10 to 12 stores within 5 years and he is currently on track. “Also as already mentioned, in a few weeks’ time we’ll be launching our online store and I predict this will bring us a new customer base while providing the traditional bricks and mortar consumer with a chance to first browse our product range before they come in store to buy,” he says.

Don acknowledges his ambitions wouldn’t be possible without the support of the right retail technology, and sums it up this way, “CONTROL is flexible, easy to use, and enables me to get new stores up and running very quickly. However, the biggest benefit I can see is that it is a serious business tool catering for mattress and bedroom furniture retailers looking for a system that enables them to have total control over their business operations.”

To find out how CONTROL Retail Management system can help you succeed online or instore, contact us, or phone Bernie Hogan on 1300 646 536.