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Retailer Woolworth’s to create 7,000 jobs

March 6th, 2009

Category: Retail Business News

Woolworth's Store in Australian Mall

Woolworth's Store in Australian Mall

In an example of a retail business that is not only surviving but flourishing one does not have to look farther than the local Woolworth’s. Retail giant Woolworths is defying current economic trends, and expects to create 7,000 Australian jobs in the next four months.
The supermarket company posted a 10 per cent increase in first-half net profit to $983 million.
Sales have risen almost 9 per cent over the last quarter to $26 billion.
It has opened 122 new stores in this half-year and completed 190 refurbishments.
Woolworths says it plans to add 15 to 25 new supermarkets each year as well as open more Dan Murphys bottleshops.

Woolworths CEO Michael Luscombe says it is a strong result.

“Woolworths has invested almost $1 billion of capital in this half year to add new stores, improve existing stores, add services, deliver value and create an even better shopping experience for our customers,” he said.
Mr. Luscombe says he believes basic commodities retailers like Woolworths will continue to do well in the year ahead, despite the global downturn.

Michael Luscombe has worked for Woolworth’s for over 30 years and has become CEO last October.

Michael Luscombe - Woolworth's CEO Picture

Michael Luscombe - Woolworth's CEO

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Michael Luscombe on what is key in Retail:
“Running this business is really all about making us all better shopkeepers…”

What it takes to succeed in retail:
“I’ve always thought we needed to get three things consistently right to be successful: the right products available and well-presented in our stores; a competitive price, and people who enjoyed interacting with customers. That’s still the view I operate with as CEO.”

We at Creative Computing find it encouraging to see a high executive break down an international business operating in challenging times into 3 main aspects that we all should make sure we are doing. And with the results over the last half year it appears it is working.

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