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2 Free Choices for Website Statistics

July 7th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Free Tracking from your Webhost
The funny thing is that most of us get free website statistics tracking with our webhost package. Maybe you were so happy to finish your website and that everything seems to be working that you never login there. But most webhosts use a control panel named Cpanel. Maybe you remember having to go there to tell it what your domain name was, to renew your contract or submit a trouble ticket. Usually you can access it at or something similar. One of the options there is usually named “AWStats” or “statistics” or something like that. If you cannot find it you should ask your web designer or webhost to help you. If you are not sure of what you are doing be careful. In Cpanel you can break your website so it does not work if you just start clicking around. You could even erase your only copy of your website. So please be careful or get help.

AWStats Example Screen

AWStats Webstats Example - Visitors, Monthly Graphs

Once you have found it, you can look through some various statistics and details about where people are coming from and what they are doing once they get there. Some of the things you should look at are unique visitors and time on site. Are they getting better or worse? Did you do anything to make your traffic better one month? Is it economically feasible to do that again? Here is a screenshot of what AWStats looks like.
For more information on AWstats please go here:

Free Tracking from Google

Google Analytics offers Free High Powered Stats

Google Analytics Free High Powered Stats

Your webhost probably offers free website statistics and it probably has been collecting data since when your hosting was started so that is probably a good place to start. But some people like the more polished interface, easy centralised access, paid to unpaid traffic differentiation and the Google Adwords integration that Google hosted Analytics offers. If setup properly the package can give you visitor details, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition down to a keyword level. The ability to find the “loser” keywords in your ad spend and turn them off is often the difference between a good traffic opportunity and a terrible one.

What user metrics should you look at?
As you have probably noticed there is a lot of data that you will see when you get website statistics set up properly on your website. Most of it you do not have to worry about too much. But some of the more important ones you should look at, and watch for trends that will help your business. You should review unique visitors, pageviews, and time on site to watch if they are increasing. Filled in forms, watched videos or some other conversion goal (Google) should be logged to make the determination that the traffic is more receptive to your message. If a visitor is on your site for 3 seconds it is highly unlikely they liked what they saw. You might want to start a journal and track some of the key numbers so you can watch it throughout the year. Can you or your web design team come up with ideas or changes that improve these numbers? Most stat programs will also tell you what keywords you rank well for, and how many people came from each of these terms. For more information don’t be afraid to Google on the idea that you would like to know more about. For example you might google “How to decrease bouncerate” or “how to increase pageviews”.

By spending an hour or two to learn about the reality of your web traffic, you will no doubt be better prepared to discuss future web design projects and make better marketing decisions.

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