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5 Retail Business Success Tips

July 7th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

5 Retail Store Tips to more Customers

5 Retail Store Tips to more Customers

1. Capture customer details. Gather names and contact information any way you can. If you’re a primarily online business, you can offer newsletters or specials for registered members. If you’re a more traditional retail business establishment you can collect business cards in a drawing or request information on feedback forms. Ever enter a drawing? You wanted to win so you wanted to be contacted.

2. Create a customer reward program. It can be a free meal or dessert on the customer’s birthday, “Buy 6 cups of coffee get the 7th free” special, or an invitation-only sale for preferred customers before the normal sale. Rewarding customers for loyalty is a good business practice and you can see it at many large chain businesses. Do you think they do it on a lark?

3. Use e-mail and direct-mail methods. Informing customers about promotions, new products or other news gives you an excuse to remind them about your business. This newsletter was a bit difficult to setup at first but gets easier every time. There are services that make it easier, and software that automates much of it.

4. Distribute promotional items. Calendars, pens, refrigerator magnets, and mouse pads branded with your corporate identity are another tried-and-true method of reminding customers of your business. There truly is a fine line between being overtly marketing and giving someone something that is useful and not obtrusive. Try to think: Would I appreciate and keep that item if a company gave it to me?

5. Make customer service a top goal. There’s simply no substitute for creating a positive brand experience. You must be able to deliver on time, soothe customers’ ruffled feathers, and make customers happy to be your customer. Companies such as Apple, Rolex, and Mercedes can charge premium prices by making customer service a top priority and making ownership something you want and pursue with their company.

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