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Get free rankings with Google Local Business Center

June 1st, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Google’s Local Business Center is one of the easiest ways to increase your natural rankings in search engines online. Google has a large percentage of the search market worldwide. In Australia it is even higher at around 90%. Obviously any chances you have for ranking online in any Google property should be done. And in the last year or two Google has been doing something called “Universal Search” which is a mix of data from several sources such as Google Images, Youtube, and the Map Data into the standard search query results.

Not quite sure what the Local Business Center is?

Go to Search your business name, then your city or your state. For our company, Creative Computing the search would be “creative computing” What pops up is several listings that are natural, and then the third result is the Local Business Center with a map. Pretty nice, don’t you think? That is a good way for your business to make sure that you rank for several of the first listings in Google for your name. In our case, there was a computer magazine in the USA from a longtime ago with the same name as our company. This Local Business Center listing helps make sure that you have the best chance of outranking other listings and pushing them down. It also gives people an easy way to get to a map to your business or the phone number.

Creative Computing Search with Local Results

Creative Computing Search with Local Results

Okay. Now, try this search. Enter your area of business (area of expertise),  city, state, or country. For Creative Computing, one search would be “pos sydney”. What shows up currently in Google is different than just 10 links like normal! Looking at our search, we show up, in the middle of the 6 or 7 businesses listed next to the map, near the top amidst the other companies that offer similar services.  This is an example of universal search and it happens most often when someone types in a keyword plus a city or address.

POS Sydney Local Business Center

POS Sydney Local Business Center

To find your business or some competitors you might need to narrow the search more. If we type in “POS St Leonard’s” the listings get more exact and now we are number one for that search.

Another search that currently shows maps with results is “Pizza Sydney”.  If you go to Google and search for “pizza Sydney” you will see some listings with a map and a link to reviews of the restaurant chains.  The example is below. This is a great way to tell customers more about your business. Of course it is also a way that angry customers can vent about poor service. Currently some of those reviews are negative, about 2 hour delivery times.

Pizza Sydney Local Business Center

Pizza Sydney Local Business Center

Where did your company pop up in a search of your industry and city? Was it on the list? Chances are either (a) your company is not listed OR (b) it is listed, but there is some piece of information that is amiss… like the wrong address, incorrect phone number, no operating hours, or no link to your website. Pictures and videos can be added as well.

If searches for your keyword and city are showing map results you probably should try to get a listing that shows in those results.

How do you get control over your business listing in Google? It’s actually pretty easy, takes less than ten minutes and is FREE!

1. Sign up with Google. Go to Google Accounts. Enter an e-mail, a password and set up a Google Account. Google will send you a confirmation e-mail with a link. You should get that within 10 seconds of setting up your account. Open the e-mail, click the link and your Google account is activated.

2. Log into your new Google account, then in a Google search, type in “Local Business Center.” This will take you to a sign up page. Enter your business name, address, phone, fax, web, etc. Sometimes, Google recognizes your address and gives you an option to “Claim This Listing.” Sometimes, it actually posts a listing that is your old address. And sometimes, it has no record of any address. If the listing is not 100% accurate, do not claim it. Go ahead and click “Enter a New Listing.”

3. Once you have done this, you will be asked to verify your listing. You have three choices probably: telephone, SMS, or postcard. If you are sitting in your office, it’s easy go the telephone route. Just click “Verify by Telephone” and Google will call you within seconds. It’s an automated call, follow the instructions and enter the Verification PIN Number. Then you are verified and the listing(s) will start showing up in Google soon. It might be best to check back the next day.

4. Within 24 hours, your listing will be active in Google Maps and in the Local Business Center.

What else can you do with the Local Business Center? You can obtain reviews from customers, post photos, film and post videos, create coupons, update your contact information, give details about your payment methods, and offer general service descriptions. Most importantly, by creating and updating your listing, you keep Google in the loop with your latest business info. And, after all, who is better equipped to broadcast your business’ most current information than you?

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