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Knowing Your Customer One of the Keys to Retail Success

March 27th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

One of the tips to Retail - Know your Customers

One of the tips to Retail - Know your Customers

The customer is all important, but do you really know who your customers are? It is surprising how many businesses think they know who their customers are, but have never really spent time to do any in depth customer evaluation

One of the simplest techniques is to capture the demographics of your customers at the point of sale. What is their postcode, age group, gender? Maybe one or two other questions can be answered by the operator to help identify the types of customers that may be buying your product and which products they are buying. CONTROL can facilitate collection of this information at the point of sale by making entry of this data essential for the sale to be completed.

CONTROL also allows you to take information collection one step further, recording specific customer details such as name, address and interests. When you know who your customers are (what publications they may read or TV shows they watch, how far they are traveling to shop with you, and what their specific interests are), you can accurately determine the most cost effective means of targeting them as a group during future promotions, or individually via direct marketing campaigns.

You can also tailor your promotional material to show the real benefits in the products you sell, and justify and quantify their value to help specific customers in their cost-benefit analysis.  No business will make a profit unless the customer profits from your product. Give your customers what they want and you will generate repeat customers – the bread and butter of any business.

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