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Natural Free Search Engine Traffic for your Retail Business

May 15th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Natural Free Marketing Tactics for Retail Businesses

Natural Free Marketing Tactics for Retail Businesses

In past newsletter articles we have discussed the popularity of researching retail purchases online. The three large portions of Internet Promotion for websites are Natural Search Engine Traffic, Paid Search Engine Traffic, and Links from other websites. In this article we will talk about SEO or natural Search engine traffic. It is the traffic most websites get free and naturally from the standard creation of pages and content on their site. With changes to your website this traffic can increased. It is valuable targeted traffic and can help you get a leg up on your competition.

What Natural Traffic is:
Natural Search Engine Traffic is the traffic that comes to your website free from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. There are more search engines but those are the main ones and comprise the majority of traffic generated free from search engines. These search engines all have automated programs called robots that scour the web and actually read the material on your website and decide what that website is about. They apply formulas that change with time and further refine what each site and page is perceived to be about. Then when someone searches for a term like “Sydney Restaurant” the search engine compares it’s database with the search term and determines the most likely relevant pages to show. They are decided based on what content is on the page and the amount and type of links to a website.

How to do Bad Search Engine Optimisation:
To get more traffic from this type of search you should have your most relevant services and products typed more often on your page. If you do not, the search engines cannot determine that your company sells that type of product. So if you never mention a keyword on your product it is unlikely the search engines like Google will know your site is about that. Additionally there are strong and trusted places to put your keywords on your website. If you do not do this it is considered bad web form. The strongest place to use your keywords is in the <title> tag. This should be done on the home page and all subpages if possible. Or at least the pages with lots of content. Additionally Tthe header tag of each page should be used and include the keyword.

How to do Good Search Engine Optimisation:
• Unique Title Tags on all Product Pages if possible
• Header Tags <h1,h2,etc> that include unique content and somewhat match the Title Tag
• The main page keyword used in the content of the page.
• A good site structure that promotes ease of use.
• A linking structure that sometimes uses the keyword in the linked text (blue underlined).

Need more help?
Look at other sites: You can find more help by using Google to search for your chosen keywords or phrases. Then go to the top ranking pages and look for that word or phrase on the page. That is what has worked for them. See how many times they use the term? Where it is used on the page and code? In our example above we mentioned “Sydney Restaurants”, here is the Google search for that term.
All of the sites on the front page have “Sydney” and “Restaurants” in the title tag and on the page in various places. This all helps and you should look at your competitors page and mimic what they do well and then do it better.

Google SEO Articles: There are countless articles on the Internet about Search Engine traffic. You can look at some of them and learn more. This article is just a primer and some people have spent years on this and many large companies have departments of people working on this one issue. You may not have the budget to hire someone but you can learn from other’s expertise.

Talk to your Webmaster: You can discuss SEO with your web designer(s) and see what their background is and if they do that themselves or can outsource it. They may have to work with the Internet Marketer at some point so it is good that they have some planning time and can coordinate with whoever is doing the changes.

Buy a Book: There are typically fairly good books at bookstores or on They may not have the latest information but will  have a good rundown on keyword selection and how to accomplish better traffic. Best to get one from a reputable author and a very recent published date so the information is fairly relevant. A good online ebook on SEO is by Aaron Wall. He is a noted authority on search engines and keeps this online book quite up to date. His continuing forum is a bit expensive but may be what you need to get your feet wet.

Hire an Internet Marketing Company: There are consultants and companies that do Search Engine Optimisation as a job and concentrate their practice on it. Some of the bigger companies require large budgets and typically handle different aspects of your website from branding, strategy, web design and then marketing. Finding a company that is a good match might take some time but the resulting traffic should be well worth the effort.

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