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Where Small Businesses often Excel : Customer Retention and Care

March 27th, 2009

Category: Retail Business Tips

Customer Retention a Problem at your Business?

Customer Retention a Problem at your Business?

With the ever present battle to gain new customers, it is easy to forget the value existing customer relationships hold. Most company’s marketing budgets have no allocation for repeat customer sales and service despite the fact that consumer maintenance is much less expensive than procurement, and the purchases are more frequent, resulting in higher profits.

Many experienced retailers and experts think that a large percentage of time and money should be spent on customer retention. Consultant Terri Schepps, says that it costs about 5x more to get a new customer then it does to retain a current one. And that’s just the money aspect – the actual cost is probably much greater if you include the time necessary to acquaint them with your goods and services and difficulty to employees.

While small businesses can’t generally compete on the basis of price, they do have the advantage when it comes to delivering customer care.

Customer care is more than just providing excellent products or first class service. It also includes a range of other services which  provide genuine care and value for the customer such as clarity in advertising literature on product features, price, payment methods, availability and after-sales support, the way first contact takes place and is followed up, simple ordering procedures highlighted by convenience for the client, and clear charging with no ‘hidden extras’.

CONTROL supports a number of customer loyalty Program functions that can be implemented by the retailer at the time they will bring maximum benefit to the business. CONTROL also generates customer reports including best customers, customers due for a bonus point reward, and customers with purchases above a nominated figure, and also provides the facilities to manage a Loyalty Program at head office.

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