Helping multi-store and multi-channel retailers

  • Keep operating costs down, manage store operations efficiently...More »
  • Increase sales, improve customer retention, and enhance customer service... More »
  • Improve staff and store performance; easily analyse sales and suppliers to ensure sound business-decision making... More »
  • Optimise stock levels; easily manage inventory at multi-location level.... More »
  • Combine bricks and mortar with online retail operations as a unified and centralised operation... More »

Retail Management solutions for medium to large retailers

  • A scalable Retail system that works with your business, whether 10 stores or 100 stores.
  • Meets the specific needs of almost any retail market segment. More »
  • Easily upgradable, intelligent and flexible backend business management system.
  • A variety of implementation models including Online Realtime, Distributed and SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • The latest retail software tools to handle current retail challenges and environment

Creative Computing provides retail POS solutions tailored to the specific needs of industry sectors such as: