Offer The Right Products To The Right Customer At The Right Price
With so much competition and operating costs increasing, it’s important to pay close attention to the product range you’re offering while determining how to best offer it to consumers and at what price. This is what merchandising is all about and getting it right can drive up sales and improve profits. However, managing merchandising manually does take time, something most retailers have in short supply. Fortunately, CONTROL simplifies merchandising while assisting you to achieve the best possible results. Merchandising features include:

  • Comprehensive stock maintenance
  • Extensive pricing and promotional features
  • Manages merchandising across multiple locations
  • Other special merchandising features (i.e. style/colour/size (and sub-size) facilities; serial number facilities for warranty, stock tracking or recall; and much more.

Benefits of  CONTROL Merchandising

  • Is highly flexible to suit your merchandising requirements
  • Centralises all components like stock, pricing and promotions
  • Easily manages stock range
  • Encourages consumer spend

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In addition to Merchandising, CONTROL Retail Management System and POS also takes care of Retail CRM, Inventory Management, online trading, Sales & Profit Analysis, Order Entry & Invoicing, Replenishment, and more.
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