Retail CRM


Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Improve Customer Service
With fierce competition and tighter margins, today it’s all about giving consumers something special and building lifetime loyalty in order to stay profitable.
As a multi-store retailer, how do you keep track of your customers, their history and preferences? It’s impossible to manage manually and this is where CONTROL CRM automated tools enable you to easily offer and manage promotions, loyalty programs and marketing campaigns over the long term. Features include:

  • Customer database with customer details collected at POS, your online store, eBay, etc.
  • Flexible Loyalty Program and rewards management
  • Targeted email, SMS and MMS marketing
  • Convert points to vouchers or allow instant redemption of points at the POS
  • Powerful analytics to determine which customers are buying what?

Benefits of  CONTROL CRM

  • Encourages staff to obtain customer details
  • Provides a growing list of engaged customers you can regularly promote and sell to
  • Holds and keeps track of your customers’ buying history and preferences
  • Allows you to easily segment buyers and create targetted promotions that result in higher sales
  • Enables you to sell in the right way to the right customer at the right time
  • Let’s you provide better service and thus attract customer loyalty long-term
  • More focused promotional campaigns and activities will lead to higher return on your marketing spend.

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