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Keep Service Levels High and Inventory Costs Low
In a world of omni-channel retailing and changing consumer buying patterns, retailing is becoming more complex and fast-paced, and it’s virtually impossible to manually predict demand tomorrow, next week or in six months’ time. This is where the CONTROL Replenishment module assists in the following ways:

  • Enables more accurate merchandise planning based on scientific formula rather than guesswork
  • Supports seasonal forecasting
  • Minimises inventory investment while ensuring sales are maintained
  • Provides flexibility to quickly respond to sudden changes in demand and sales
  • Ensures fewer lost sales due to stock shortages
  • Delivers higher profits due to less markdowns

CONTROL Replenishment Features include:

  • Variety of replenishment models: from automated reordering, generation of suggested reorders, to generation of reorder reports for management.
  • Allocations: suggested allocations can be generated and reviewed, and used to create orders on suppliers, while stock ordered centrally can be allocated to stores as it is ordered.
  • Open-to-Buy: a comprehensive Open-to-Buy system ideal for fashion or other retailers with ever-changing ranges. Can be maintained by department, sub-department, product group, supplier, store or a combination of these.
  • Interactive Replenishment: set or modify suggested replenishment quantity for individual items taking into account sales’ history across stores, details of recent purchases, etc. Includes interactive multi-location replenishment.
  • Other features: includes extensive order analysis, overseas orders produced in foreign currency, full import costing, and more.

Importantly, the CONTROL Replenishment system integrates fully with the Inventory Management, Accounts Payable and Sales and Profit Analysis modules.
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  • “In the 8 years we’ve been utilising the CONTROL POS Retail system, support has been excellent with staff knowledgeable about CONTROL, and only a phone call away.”

    Bill Dimarelos, The Furniture Spot
  • “Even though we’re a traditional bricks and mortar retailer, we give people the option to research or buy our products online. In their mind they’ve saved a lot of time because all that’s left to do is pop into the shop to pick up the item or have it delivered.”

    Edward Lancaster, King Street Cyclery
  • “CONTROL Online Store is proving to be a great asset as it has allowed me to create a genuine clearance outlet, helping me move old stock faster”.

    Jon Cox, G. W. Cox MY JEWELLER
  • “We can create a promotion within CONTROL in 30 minutes and let the marketing people do their thing without thinking about the technology.”

    Stuart Chen, Managing Director, Neeto
  • “Before we implemented the CONTROL online store, we had a standalone e-commerce system.This meant we had to manually update changes to inventory, and this was time-consuming and prone to error. However, with CONTROL it’s all automatic.“

    Edward Lancaster, King Street Cyclery
  • “CONTROL’s major benefit is that everything is integrated. I can instantly see what’s happening across retail and wholesale, at the shopfront, workshop or online store. This is important when you run a complex business across a large geographical base.”

    Rod Spinks TJM Products, North Queensland
  • “We use CONTROL to run our 15 stores across WA and Melbourne. The system ensures accuracy when tracking supplier and customer orders, and deliveries. Reporting features also provide insight into sales and stock performance and this helps with business decision-making.”

    Bill Dimarelos, The Furniture Spot
  • “Since we implemented the CONTROL Online Store module, its cut workload by 60%, and we have more accurate stock control.”

    Mick Parkhill, Bodyboarders Surf Co. (BSC)
  • “I chose CONTROL because it handles multi-store operations with integrated POS, stock control, replenishment, order entry and invoicing, marketing and promotions, customer loyalty programs, sales analysis, financials, and more."

    Don McDonald, Master Franchisor, Beds n Dreams, QLD
  • “There have been a lot of enhancements and innovations to the CONTROL Retail Management system that have enabled me to stay abreast of business changes and customer demands.”

    Rod Spinks TJM Products, North Queensland
  • “I think the interface Creative Computing did between CONTROL Online Store and Facebook is pretty innovative and that’s great because we want to stay at the forefront of retail.”

    Mick Parkhill, Bodyboarders Surf Co. (BSC)
  • "What I appreciate about CONTROL is that it has been designed correctly from the ground up, so everything works really well and it’s easy to follow.”

    Stuart Chen, Managing Director, Neeto
  • “As a retailer today, you need seriously good retail technology to support you. Diamonds will always be brilliant but we couldn’t sell them without the brilliant support of the CONTROL Retail Management system.”

    Jon Cox, G. W. Cox MY JEWELLER
  • “CONTROL’s manufacturing module works well for our business because it gives us complete control over the design, manufacture and delivery of custom-made pieces”.

    Jon Cox, G. W. Cox MY JEWELLER
  • "CONTROL is flexible, easy to use, and enables me to get new stores up and running very quickly. It is also a serious business tool that enables total control over stock and sales performance.”

    Don McDonald, Master Franchisor, Beds n Dreams, QLD