Manufacturing & Kits


Easily Manage Production Planning and Manufacturing Process
Whether you manufacture industrial lighting products, plastics, jewellery items, signage, niche or lifestyle products, or assemble a finished good from several components to sell as a kit, Control Manufacturing & Kits can assist in the following ways:

  • Ensure production plans run smoothly and cost efficiently
  • Assist in calculating the cost of raw material and production to deliver the right retail price
  • Minimise raw material shortages
  • Provide a full audit trail of manufactured material
  • Provide control over cost and production variances

CONTROL Manufacturing features include:

  • The creation and maintenance of multi-level, Bills of Materials
  • The calculation and updating of the Finished Goods cost and selling price
  • The calculation of raw material requirements and shortages from entered Production Plans
  • Finished Goods quantity entry automatically reduces Raw Materials used
  • A series of reports on the manufacturing process

Importantly, the CONTROL Kits and Manufacturing system integrates fully with the Inventory Management, Point of Sale, Replenishment, and General Ledger modules.
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