Jewellery & Giftware

Your Unique Industry Challenges

  • Rising cost of precious metals
  • Fluctuating global economy impacting buyers’ confidence
  • Increased competition from pureplay jewellery retailers
  • Ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences
  • Jewellery retailers are now expected to deliver products and promotions that better appeal to consumers’ unique desires and/or lifestyle

Retail Management for Jewellery and Giftware stores
CONTROL for jewellery and giftware stores is a point of sale and retail management system that will simplify and automate complex retail requirements, and provides the following benefits:

  • Ability to keep one-off models of brands in-store with improved stock visualisation whether at the POS or seamless interface with tablet devices like Ipad.
  • Provides a 360 degree view of stock at multi-store level.
  • Supports automatic printing of jewellery tags like ‘rat-tail’ and ‘butterfly’, greatly minimising time to price and identify items.
  • Provides automated management and tracking of customer orders from design specifications for bespoke jewellery and/or repair work (‘job bag’), including item image capture, details of components and services, and progress of work.
  • enables a leaner and more balanced inventory via sophisticated inventory management and replenishment.
  • improves customer service and increases sales via customer relationship management (CRM) module.

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