CSA & Upgrades


Supporting Your Business to Easily Handle Modern Retailing Challenges
At the end of the Warranty period, Creative Computing offers further protection under our Customer Support Agreement (CSA) and Upgrade Subscription service.
Services provided under the Support Agreement include assistance on queries and problems relating to the proposed system.
The CONTROL Upgrade Subscription service allows you to stay at the forefront of retail management technology. By subscribing to the Upgrade Subscription service you are entitled to receive all new versions and enhancements to CONTROL for no additional fee, with new releases made available about once each year.
The Upgrade Subscription Service is highly recommended as this will entitle you to having the most up-to-date features. And keeping your software up-to-date allows us to provide the highest level of support.
Other services include Implementation and initial training once CONTROL has been installed into your business.
CONTROL POS is fast to implement and easy to use. Contact us today about your requirements.