Training & Support


Easy Access To Personalised Training And Support Services
In addition to consulting services which help you obtain major benefits from your new system, Creative Computing provides general training for all your POS operators and management personnel on how to operate the system on a daily basis.
Generally, we provide initial implementation assistance and training on your premises and in an environment as close as possible to actual operating conditions, as we believe this is far more effective than classroom training.
We can also set up a 'Training Company' which operates separately from your live system and can be used by new staff for training purposes, or down the track for the purpose of testing new system options before implementing these functions into your business.
CONTROL is supported Australia wide with telephone, fax and e-mail support and by direct access to your system via modem. On-site support is also available.
Additionally, you can also access our Customer Support Agreement (CSA) and Upgrade Subscription Services.
CONTROL POS is fast to implement and easy to use. Contact us today about your requirements.